Our Challenge.

Protecting our community

Our homeland community at Mandjawuy, where we have lived for countless generations, is running out of funds and our school house may close. We need to keep our community alive to protect our children and our culture.

Our Solution.

Bottling our water

We plan to bottle the pure spring water from the rainforest on our land and sell this Knowledge Water across Arnhem Land and around Australia so our school stays open and our community thrives.

Help us raise $80,000 to start our business.

Your generous support will help with:


Site Preparation

Initial funds will be used to clear and fence the bottling plant site.

Close up of photovoltaic solar panels with warm sun light bursting above horizon.

Solar Power

Crowd funding will help us with the deposit for our solar energy system.

Black and white hands clasped against a background of office blinds.

Investor Backing

Your support will encourage government and other investors to back us.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Knowledge Water in the Media

ABC Article:

Marketing firm and Indigenous community team up for bottled water campaign

ABC News TV:

Springwater has long had cultural significance and it is renowned across Arnhem Land.

ABC Radio:

A remote Arnhem Land family is working to establish a spring water bottling business.

3D flyover of our proposed bottling facility.

An initial artist’s impression of the Knowledge Water facility.

By helping fund Knowledge Water you are helping to:


Create Yolngu jobs


Support Yolngu education


Train Yolngu teachers


Empower Yolngu people

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Thank you for the generous support of our corporate partners

Pristine water in a cleaner package

After an extensive evaluation process we are close to making a final decision on packaging. Our preference is a FSC Certified paperboard carton with a plastic re-sealable lid.

Where on earth is Mandjawuy?

Welcome to our place – East Arnhem Land. Our people, the Yolngu people, have lived here for countless generations. It is our place where our culture lives and where we can teach our kids in a safe environment.

Where waters meet, knowledge is shared

In our culture, water, or ‘gapu’, represents the knowledge of the Yolngu people. That knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation to generation. Where waters meet, knowledge is shared. And now we want to share that knowledge with you.  By supporting Knowledge Water you are helping us secure our future.

Our family’s history in education

Our family has been dedicated to education in our region since Europeans first arrived at the beginning of last century. We are the children and grandchildren of the great Yolngu leader, Wonggu, who guided our people through the difficult period of white settlement from the 1920s to the 1950s.