Welcome to our place

Our people, the Yolngu people, have lived in East Arnhem Land for countless generations.

Our homeland community of Mandjawuy is beautiful but it’s also remote and maintaining regular services can be tough. The nearest town is three hours away.

Our homes, our health clinic and our classroom are here on our traditional land.

But there’s a problem

Funding for our homeland is under threat, and our school house may close.

Our school is bicultural which means our kids are taught English in the context of our traditional knowledge. It keeps our culture and our identity alive. If our classroom closes, we will lose our kids to the problems of bigger towns – overcrowded houses, alcohol and drugs, poor health and no future.


We want to keep our beautiful culture alive here in Mandjawuy.

Watch the Knowledge Water Story

In our culture, water, or ‘gapu’, represents the knowledge of the Yolngu people. And now we want to share that knowledge with you.

Help us save our school and our community

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